Ateliere Shows Next Generation Content Creators How They Can Slash Cloud Storage Bills by More Than 70%

Creators can improve their audience experience by streamlining operations and deduplicating media libraries

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, September 21, 2022 — Ateliere Creative Technologies, an industry leader in delivering cloud-native media supply chain and distribution solutions, announced today the release of its deduplication cost calculator. At a time of record inflation, the cost of everyday expenses has gone up, including streaming services in an attempt to remain ad-free. However, streaming services can cut costs and avoid price hikes by reducing storage costs of content libraries and media archives. This free-to-use tool allows content creators to accurately estimate and visualize the cost savings a company can save by moving to a digital media supply chain and distribution platform, Ateliere Connect.

What does the calculator do?

Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ateliere Connect makes ingesting, managing, storing, packaging and delivering video content simple and cost-effective. Its unique selling point comes in its deduplication feature, which can reduce cloud storage footprints for most content creators by more than 70%, resulting in huge financial savings and reductions in carbon footprints.

The new calculator clearly displays to content creators precisely how much switching to Ateliere can save them on their cloud storage bills by deduplicating their content. For large-scale creators, this could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. One client, a prominent digital media company, partnered with Ateliere to remove duplications within 500 episodes of content, reducing content storage from 125Tb to 57Tb and monthly AWS storage fees by two-thirds.

Users have the option of fully customizing the calculator to enter the exact amount of storage they are using. This includes options to break down storage figures by total hours of content, episodic and feature information, and number of alternate versions. The calculator then supplies easily understandable bar charts to plainly show the amount the user could save depending on which tier of AWS they use.

A visualized reason to use Ateliere Connect

Throughout the creation process, content creators often find themselves storing multiple versions of projects or titles in their library or archives. When replicated for other workflows or localized to account for different languages, this can account for terabytes of unnecessary extra data they are paying to store on the cloud.

Despite this, many content creators have been dubious of the return-on-investment deduplication can provide. One of the biggest barriers to creators adopting Ateliere Connect has been the migration to the platform, which many felt was too time consuming to warrant. However, with Ateliere’s calculator tool, creators can now easily visualize their possible savings.

Dan Goman, founder and CEO of Ateliere says, “Ateliere Connect functions as an all-round tool to help make content creators’ lives easier by switching away from their current supply chain solution. Streaming is future-proof, and media production and cloud storage can be vastly improved through deduplication techniques, lowering the cost of streaming for subscribers and total expenditures.”

Visit Ateliere’s website to try the calculator for free and learn how much you can save.

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