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It's the easiest way to add Ateliere Connect to your enterprise media supply chain.

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Take your media supply chain to the cloud with Ateliere Connect via AWS Marketplace and enjoy simplified, streamlined purchasing that counts toward your organization’s AWS commitments.

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Simplify billing

Who needs another invoice? Pay for Ateliere through your existing AWS account using your pre-negotiated rates and enjoy a consolidated bill.

Make it count

Purchases made through AWS Marketplace can contribute to your AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitments and take advantage of your existing incentives.

Get on board

There’s no need to onboard a new vendor. Use your existing AWS relationship. Avoid a lengthy sourcing cycle when choosing your digital media supply chain partner.

For any size,
indie or enterprise

Media and entertainment companies of all sizes can easily purchase Ateliere Connect in AWS Marketplace with just a few clicks.

Scale up

Quickly deploy Ateliere as a POC to validate its fit with your organization before committing to a larger-scale implementation.

AWS Partnership

As an Amazon Software Partner, we’ve built Ateliere Connect to work within the best-in-class AWS cloud ecosystem you already trust. Our platform is architected using a full suite of AWS Microservices that allow independent components to run independently in a server-less environment and scale as needed. This approach dramatically increases flexibility and speed.

Scalable Amazon Elastic Computing (EC2) promises guaranteed uptime with the high performance to power complex workflows and the ability to scale and meet workflow demands no matter how large or small. Flexible Amazon Simple Cloud Storage (S3) offers a choice of on-demand playback or affordable Glacier deep-archive, both with the assurance of military-grade security. Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables granular permissions control over titles, components, and even individual pieces of metadata.

How it works

Ateliere Connect uses the full complement of cutting-edge AWS functionality to orchestrate your workflow from pre-ingestion to publishing. First, Ateliere Connect standardizes complex metadata, fixes broken and missing assets, and verifies completed packages. Then it ingests your titles into the cloud-based Ateliere platform. We utilize AWS compute and AI to componentize your content by identifying duplicates and reducing the storage footprint by over 75%. Our parallel transcoder can process a full-length movie up to 35 times faster than traditional infrastructure before your content is ready for secure delivery to all global platforms.


Want to learn more about Ateliere in AWS Marketplace or tell us about your project requirements before purchasing? Contact Ateliere now.