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If you create or manage media,
Ateliere is made for you.

Tie it all together

Ateliere brings the disparate steps and software of your media supply chain together in one platform that’s clear and easy to use. Everything’s organized, optimized, and just plain works.

Make your library make sense

What if you could consolidate your entire on-premise libraryall your titles, languages, and versions—into optimized, secure cloud storage? Then distribute your titles everywhere they need to go from a single source, without separate files for every region, platform, and format? No need to imagine. Ateliere makes it real.

Ditch the spreadsheets

Raise your hand if you’ve used redundant, exhausting tracking methods. (We’ve all been there.) Get full visibility and control over your supply chain with simple, clear, and centralized dashboards. It’s time to break out of your cells.

Do better, faster, more

Step 1: automate repetitive tasks. Step 2: distribute the remaining work more efficiently. Step 3: enjoy doing more of what you do best.

Become more efficient than ever

Time is money—but the digital media supply chain is often beset by slow, outdated legacy systems, clunky processes, and redundant tracking methods. Ateliere helps orchestrate day-to-day work by automating, streamlining, and clarifying workflows, so users can work faster and smarter on their most important activities.

Workflows that work

Our modular design helps you customize your ideal processes between users, teams, and systems. Incorporate automation, global collaboration, approvals, and more, then manage it all from one console. 

Save money—and make more

Ateliere helps reduce operating costs and increase revenue. From replacing upfront and third-party expenses to unlocking new ways to monetize your titles, you’ll create positive bottom-line impact across your organization.

Step into a smaller footprint

With traditional fixed infrastructure, you have to prepare for (and pay for) maximum volume, even when your usage is far below peak. By scaling to meet demand, Ateliere reduces or eliminates costs like unused storage and third-party vendor fees. And by creating more efficient component-based workflows, you’ll maximize your team’s output on top of it.

Monetize & optimize

If you’re paying different vendors to store, retrieve, transcode, and export your titles, it might cost too much money to make money. Ateliere makes it simple and cost-effective to capitalize on library titles that might be sitting in storage, so you can reach more viewers in more markets on more platforms—including your own.

Orchestrate with harmony

Optimizing a complex media supply chain and transferring a massive library to the cloud can seem overwhelming. Ateliere helps you do it without losing a step or breaking the bank. Our open architecture integrates easily with the tools you already use. Once it’s up and running, Ateliere alleviates workflow choke points and exhausting processes, improving your work lifestyle and winning over staff.

Empower your people

Operate your media supply chain in-house, with your own staff, instead of relying on expensive engineers and a network of separate vendors. Ateliere makes day-to-day tasks easier for everyone right away, so they can focus on what they do best, while creating the flexibility to keep pace with our rapidly changing industry. 

Unite your teams & processes

Ateliere facilitates global cloud-based collaboration on master projects in real time. With its open API, it integrates with business process tools like scheduling, billing, and rights management software—plus whatever else is on the horizon.

Visibility meets control

View, secure, and act on every component of your library with simple yet comprehensive dashboards and reporting. It all runs on fully encrypted cloud architecture, backed by Amazon Web Services and protected by military-grade security.

Manage who sees your media & when

Not every project (or user) needs total visibility. Take control of your content with user roles and permissions to grant access only to the parts of your library a user needs. It adds another layer of security while streamlining every user’s experience.

Granular security from a global view

Our comprehensive reporting dashboard enables managers to view and control every asset and activity on the system, allow and disallow access to individual users at different times, and protect valuable IP from vulnerability to leaks from malicious or careless operators.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re adding new features and capabilities all the time. Contact us to find out how Ateliere can help now and in the future.