The following is an excerpt from InBroadcast Magazine’s June 2022 issue which is out now.
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How do I get into the cloud?

In any industry, there are always companies at different phases of their growth, and M&E is no different. Many organizations have done the math and concluded that for their current operations, a move to the cloud would make shifting their current workflows cost-prohibitive.

Others have learned they can afford it but are worried about abandoning their familiar processes and workflows. Some are in the middle of their cloud migration and need phased options.

Cloud-based platforms, like Ateliere Creative Technologies, are designed and built to facilitate these types of transitions. Also, AWS has a variety of solutions to help you move content into the cloud with minimal financial impact. For example, the AWS Snow family is a collection of physical and highly scalable devices that help migrate large amounts of data into and out of the cloud without depending on networks.

For organizations that already have portions of their media assets in a cloud environment, “bucket to bucket” transfers can help move files on an ad hoc basis through integrations with cloud services.

Another common challenge throughout M&E is “version-itis.” Libraries are bursting with localized versions, different regional cuts for compliance, TV versions, home video versions, and OTT versions.

The reality is across all these versions, up to 95% of the video frames are the same. But library owners still keep saving the same media repeatedly.

One real-world solution for addressing this trend is Ateliere Connect. This platform incorporates FrameDNA, a proprietary content library tool using Deep Analysis Artificial Intelligence technology to rapidly scan and “de-duplicate” entire libraries, finding one common version, and then storing only the differences for all other versions. As a result, storage costs can be reduced by more than 75%.

This statistic is demonstrated by how Ateliere is helping one of its customers – an iconic Hollywood studio – save more than $10 million a year by streamlining workflows and reducing its library storage footprint in the cloud.