Ateliere Discover

Easily deliver & monetize your content

Ateliere Discover is an online video platform helping content owners and media providers extend their reach with custom branded streaming experiences and delight audiences with personalized video streaming for televisions, set-top boxes, and mobile devices. Our white-label OTT streaming solution with CMS, CDN, customizable apps, monetization for AVOD and SVOD, and user and title analytics enable unprecedented control over distribution and your content library to reach wider audiences and generate revenue.


Your library deserves a premium, optimized experience. Your audience demands one. Engage viewers through your own branded platform and they’ll see your work as it was meant to be seen—wherever they see it.


You have content. We have solutions to bring content to life. Ateliere Discover is a white-label online video platform enabling you to create custom branded SVOD and AVOD experiences and monetize your content. Take complete control with our easy-to-use CMS and templated app user interface. Delight audiences with personalized video streaming for televisions, set-top boxes, and mobile devices.


Reach wider audiences. Gather more audience data. Analyze. Improve. Repeat. Drive monetization through built-in subscription management and extensive viewer analytics. Make data-driven decisions that grow viewership and your bottom line. Ateliere Discover gives you the visibility and control to optimize your media ecosystem, creating a win-win for you and your audience.


Don’t let third-party costs and timelines control where your titles go—and how much they earn. Ateliere makes it simple and cost-effective to distribute your library to new audiences, whether it’s on your own platform or other OTT marketplaces that may have been out of reach.


Customize what you want…

Our intuitive interface enables you to customize your content’s environment, including on-screen arrangement, metadata, and app layout.

…and streamline the rest

Our built-in templates expedite delivery to any major OTT platform, saving you time as you rapidly process hundreds of files at once in as many formats as you need, from Pro-Res to IMF.

Unified audience experience

Engage your audience with your own branded video apps for web, mobile, and large screens. Or deliver to major OTT marketplaces including Apple TV, Amazon Channels, and Roku.

Monetization options

Engage viewers directly and increase your flow of revenue. Discover offers the freedom to choose an ad-based model, a subscription model, or a mixture of the two.

Deliver your way

Discover integrates with major delivery mediums including SFTP, Aspera, and Media Shuttle.

Smarter decisions

Inform your programming, marketing, and user engagement decisions with in-depth analytics.

Keep ’em watching

Retain viewers better and longer with notification scheduling (push and in-app) that alerts them to new releases or reminds them to revisit content.

With Ateliere, Magnolia Pictures is well equipped to deliver an engaging online entertainment experience for movie lovers any time and every time.
Jeff Cuban
COO, Magnolia Pictures


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