Media Management

Modern Media Supply Chain Management


Traditional media asset management (MAM) solutions cannot effectively meet the requirements of a modern media supply chain. Ateliere provides a cloud-native media management SaaS solution that connects assets, operations, and people at every step of the chain. Set your organization up to adapt to new requirements and scale with demand with Ateliere Connect.

Maximize media profitability 

Many traditional MAM solutions are bloated monoliths that limit cloud migration and scalability. Ateliere provides a cloud-native media management SaaS solution designed to connect assets, operations, and people in the cloud so you can efficiently manage media assets through every step of the supply chain.

Streamline and simplify media packaging and distribution, while eliminating silos.

Attractive OpEx model – no high upfront costs.

Eliminate redeliveries and keep tabs on your business processes.

Ateliere customers
  • Vubiquity
  • viaplay
  • UpTV
  • technicolor
  • SpyGlassMedia
  • Revry
  • Pokemon Co
  • MGM
  • Magnolia
  • Lionsgate
  • GravelRoad
  • FirstLookMedia
  • A+E

Key capabilities

Media management done right

Unlike legacy media management systems built to try and do a bit of everything, Ateliere Connect is designed to deliver outstanding media management and distribution, while integrating external tools (such as metadata and rights management) for specific functionality. Manage your catalog, avails and deliveries in one place.

Truly cloud-native

Ateliere solutions are cloud-native and serverless, designed to take advantage of the scale, elasticity, resilience and flexibility the cloud provides to operate at a new level. Eliminate the project job queue and handle large bursts in workloads with ease, including onboarding multiple massive content projects simultaneously. 

Options for multi- and single-tenant architecture

Benefit from best-in-class price options through economies of scale and continuous platform instrumentation. You’ll always get a highly optimized environment, future-proofed for your business.

Fast onboarding with ‘low-code, no-code’ templates

Forget months-long customization and set up. Ateliere Connect is a lightweight platform underpinned by a wide range of microservices that encapsulate workflows. You can configure the platform without scripting or development. Leverage no-code packaging templates to orchestrate your supply chain. 

Superior metadata

Ateliere Connect tracks descriptive and technical metadata, allowing you to set and map requirements for a one-to-many relationship, handling different titles with much greater accuracy. No duplication, no orphaned assets, and no headaches.  

Easily find your content

Intuitive searches allow you to find titles quickly, so you can fully monetize your premium content. And we play nicely with others, so if you already have an existing metadata system, like Fabric, MetaVU, home-built or a legacy MAM, we can work with that! 

Save on costs and the environment

Eliminate unnecessary and expensive duplicates for localization. Based on component-based media workflows and leveraging innovative, proprietary AI/ML, Ateliere Connect identifies base source material and version differences, storing only what you need. No other solution offers this capability: see how you can deduplicate your content library.

A connected media supply chain

Ateliere is an API-first solutions provider, and thus its platforms are designed to connect every intersection of your business. Gain transparency and insights to make better business decisions. Thanks to its cloud-native architecture, integrating newer technologies into the platform is a breeze. No hard-wired engineering required. 

Intelligent distribution & storage

Each media asset can be tagged to facilitate multi-delivery. Sort all media & assets through virtual folders and customizable descriptive metadata. Ateliere Connect works with AWS lifecycle policies, allowing you to move content between S3, Glacier & Deep Glacier storage tiers.

Easy maintenance

Implementing Ateliere Connect only requires a reduced amount of Professional Services. No taking down the system for a day to update a cumbersome codebase – plug in a new transcode provider and deploy a brand-new workflow within hours.

Maximize monetization

Ensure you distribute your content to the most common OTT, broadcast, and cable endpoints, expanding and adapting your media business as needed. Actively monetize your content and simplify your media operations while enhancing your bottom line and keeping your team, partners and customers happy.

Designed with your business in mind

With 99.995+% availability, you get unparalleled business continuity and reduced costs. Align your operations with how your business operates and pay for what you need, when you need it. Platform and costs scale directly with content that drives monetization. We even provide a cost calculator here for your convenience.