Video Deduplication

Substantially Reduce Cloud Storage Costs 


Does meeting compliance requirements have your archive caught up in video duplication hell? Stop paying for wasted storage - Ateliere Connect is the only solution in the industry that packages and delivers your content to multiple platforms / destinations while simultaneously reducing your video cloud storage costs by 70% or more through deduplication.

Efficient cloud migration

Media companies today must furnish more titles, formats, edits & channels than ever. Without the right content management solution in place, you end up with hundreds of versions that bloat your archive, making the move to the cloud unsustainable. Ateliere’s cloud-native platform is designed to eliminate duplication and reduce your video storage footprint.

Smart AI/ML-driven duplicate detection saves you time & money.

Minimize QC processing time, only testing the unique elements of each version.

Increase your ROI by quickly delivering what you need where you need it.

Ateliere customers
  • Vubiquity
  • viaplay
  • UpTV
  • technicolor
  • SpyGlassMedia
  • Revry
  • Pokemon Co
  • MGM
  • Magnolia
  • Lionsgate
  • GravelRoad
  • FirstLookMedia
  • A+E

Key capabilities

Stop unnecessary storage overload

Unnecessarily duplicating content just to serve distribution needs does not make sense today! Move into a component-based media workflow like IMF with Ateliere Connect so that you only store differences between versions.

Slash video cloud storage footprint

If creating individual versions to meet the numerous compliance requirements, languages and localization needs makes your move to the cloud expensive, Ateliere can help streamline your versioning and highly reduce your cloud storage needs.

Reduce cloud storage costs by 70%

Use the Ateliere calculator to visualize storage savings. Input your storage & title figures and gather cost savings based on the AWS storage tier used. For large media companies, savings could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Intelligent duplicate detection

Ateliere’s proprietary FrameDNA AI/ML drives Deep Analysis to automatically detect identical video frames in media files and frames that differ or are unique. This effectively deduplicates and consolidates content versions.

Frame fingerprinting

Ateliere proprietary FrameDNA AI/ML works by fingerprinting every frame in the image track of a file upon ingest. Based on structural similarities, it identifies the scenes that are different, allowing for easy comparison. 

Forget scanning for duplicates manually

Deep Analysis can automatically extract the clips with the differences. Because FrameDNA engages this workflow through parallel processing & auto-scaling, scanning and identifying the clips only takes minutes.

Catch non-video elements too!

Use AI/ML to find texted/textless, slates, bar and black frames and store the results in a markup track that you can use to build versions or create ad-insert points.

IMF generation in the cloud

Deep Analysis converts the results of its scan into a base CPL (the Original Version) that contains your original material, as well as various supplemental Composition PlayLists (CPLs) that describe how to combine your original material and deltas together to compose your different versions. And it’s all automated!

Deduplication results at-a-glance

With the integrated and interactive Ateliere Connect dashboard, users can monitor deduplication progress, review all titles and IMF essences, keeping control at all times.

Improve quality control 

Less duplicates to QC, less costs! To illustrate, a 90 minute movie in English that requires French and Spanish versions would typically have three fixed-time QC checks. Instead, using CPLs containing only differing elements, such as subtitles, dramatically lowers the time and costs of full, individual checks. 

Increase your ROI

Lower costs mean you maximize the dollar value of your content library. Less complexity, more efficiency, easier scalability and a wider range of monetization services.