Chris Cookson

Mr. Cookson has served as a President for both Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. and is known for his masterful leadership of innovation-directed, high performance teams in developing breakthrough technologies. He is a leading expert on technological innovation.

As a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award winner for engineering, Mr. Cookson has developed a unique innovation process for creating game-changing, culture-shifting advances such as DVD technology, which led to over 30 patents. His leadership also significantly impacted work on HDTV, SMPTE’s standards, UltraViolet distribution system, film restoration technologies, as well as 3D and 4K camera technologies.

If you are watching entertainment, shooting it, digitally distributing it or broadcasting it, Mr. Cookson has had a leadership and/or an engineering-hand in developing or perfecting the technology behind it. As President, Mr. Cookson’s string of developing industry-impacting technologies is unprecedented.

A visionary business leader, Mr. Cookson’s career highlights include:

• Over 60 patents in broadcast, media, and distribution technologies
• Managed $200+ Million Technology Division for Sony
• Pioneering leadership in Digital Cinema development and deployment
• Pioneering work also in Blu-ray, and HDTV, UHDTV digital broadcast technologies

Mr. Cookson is one of the leading experts on technology innovation.