Vince Pizzica

Forward thinking. Growth driven. Status quo challenging. Those are the qualities that best describe Vince as an ICT and media executive. With 30 years of versatile senior leadership experience spanning corporate development, operations and technology, Vince is always looking for ways to optimize processes, services and products. His background includes recent success in strategy consulting as well as C-suite roles at multibillion-euro global corporation, Technicolor SA (formerly Thomson SA).

As part of a core executive team, Vince spent a decade executing tactical restructuring, partnership building and rebranding, enabling Technicolor to emerge as a ground-breaker in the media and entertainment industry. Following high-stakes change and cultural transformation, the company achieved cash-flow positive status, consistent top rankings in markets served and high growth. Recently Vince founded a strategy consultancy and continue to advise Technicolor’s CEO and Chairman.

Collaborative and transparent leadership allows Vince to bring out the best in those around him. By remaining consistent in his management style and clearly communicating expectations and goals to teams, Vince take companies to the next level while challenging the status quo and championing innovation.