Ateliere Connect

Unprecedented speed, efficiency & savings

Ateliere Connect is the cloud-native media supply chain that scales elastically to meet demand, making managing, storing, packaging, and delivering video content to over 100 of the most common OTT, broadcast, and cable endpoints simple and cost-effective. De-duplicate your library using native component-based workflows combined with IMF and Frame-DNA to reduce storage costs, often by more than 70%. Orchestrate workflows with fully customizable templates that help streamline operations and monetize your content faster.

Your best supply chain ever.

Ingest, manage, package, and distribute to hundreds of platforms with pre-built templates or easily design your own. Title and metadata management is simplified with tag-based workflows and fully customizable structures and collections. De-duplicate your archive with IMF and component-based workflows to minimize storage costs.


Ateliere Connect’s component-based workflows maximize the advantages of the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) and proprietary FrameDNA AI, enabling you to create multiple distribution formats from the same composition. It makes versioning, compliance edits, and localization simple. Store only the differences between versions to significantly reduce your storage footprint, often by more than 70%. Workflow automation and orchestration and pre-built, easy-to-build templates save time and money.


Ateliere Connect’s scalable, fully cloud-native architecture keeps up with demands for more content and shorter delivery timelines. Our SaaS-based platform allows you to manage costs and predict expenditure over time. It’s faster, easier, and more cost-effective than on-premise systems, freeing up valuable capital to invest in more content that can generate revenue. Ateliere’s carbon-neutral cloud environment and highly efficient tech-stack help meet your environmental sustainability goals.

The magic of component-based workflows

Create multiple versions from a single source without redundant duplications. No more separate files for every region, language, platform, and format. Minimize storage costs and take the hassle out of managing media.

Build & deliver
with Connect

Take it to the cloud

Our SaaS and PaaS models help you transition your media supply chain to the cloud without breaking the bank.

Minimize storage

IMF stores the difference between versions (gigabytes), not multiple video files (hundreds of gigabytes). You decrease long-term storage costs, often by more than 70% and increase profit margins.

Simplify versioning

Easy-to-use, flexible versioning enables users to save incremental change (like compliance edits and localizations) and simplify redeliveries, so changes come with minimal cost and effort.

Collaborate globally

Members of your team can upload CSVs and update master projects in real time in the cloud, so you maintain accurate versioning, reduce duplications, and increase transparency.

Automate quality control

Cloud-native automated QC uses AI and machine learning to catch over 90% of common issues, so you can ensure your content is delivered perfect every time.

Reduce errors

Conform files for deliveries and automate downstream file transcoding to reduce human error and ensure consistency.

Improve video quality

Direct access to high-quality IMF masters ensures optimum video quality, no matter where or how you distribute assets.

Transcode your content faster

Our fully cloud-native parallel processing transcoder—the fastest in the world—can process a full-length movie in as little as 2 minutes.

Connect gives us a faster, easier delivery experience than ever before, which has made a world of difference for our workflow efficiency and our bottom line.
Bob Eicholz
CTO, Production Services, Technicolor


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