VOD Packaging & Distribution

Realize your Revenue Potential


With the increase of streaming competition, it’s time to implement a media supply chain designed to handle today’s complex distribution demands. Ateliere Connect brings your inventory and client servicing capabilities under your control, all within a cloud-native platform created to easily package and deliver content.

Optimize your distribution

Is your legacy media supply chain inefficient when it comes to complex localization and OTT packaging requirements? Stop burning valuable resource time and budget. Ateliere Connect brings your inventory and client servicing capabilities under your control, for easy, efficient content packaging and delivery.

Connect all your platform packaging needs with a unified supply chain in the cloud.

Recipe-based packaging lets you re-use and re-format title content, simply, for multiple services.

Eliminate redeliveries and keep tabs on costs.

Ateliere customers
  • Vubiquity
  • viaplay
  • UpTV
  • technicolor
  • SpyGlassMedia
  • Revry
  • Pokemon Co
  • MGM
  • Magnolia
  • Lionsgate
  • GravelRoad
  • FirstLookMedia
  • A+E

Key capabilities

Revenue, realized

Stop burning budgets trying to manage packaging and distribution requirements. If your legacy media supply chain is no longer fit for purpose, it’s time to explore the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, with Ateliere Connect.

Factory-level supply chain automation

No-code, tag-based templates automate microservices such as transcoding, metadata transformation, asset collection (including artwork and documents) QC, and delivery. Each title stores media components, allowing simplified packaging recipes and deliverables.

Less human error

With Ateliere Connect, you can conform files for delivery, transform metadata packages for each required media collection and automate delivery endpoints to reduce human error and ensure consistency.

Simplify localization while reducing storage usage

Manage multiple types of media in their native format, conforming versions, only when needed, to meet packaging requirements. Easily identify texted/textless elements, ensuring that localized items are replaced correctly.

We save you time

Ateliere offers pre-built package templates for over 100 of the most common global over-the-top (OTT), broadcast and cable delivery destinations, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Peacock, Sky, Star and more.

Bye duplication!

With Ateliere Connect you can easily reuse pieces of your titles, rather than store duplicates for each delivery. Minimize time-to-market by retaining the original media versions and transcoding on the fly, only when needed.

Efficient localization

Componentized media workflows make localization much simpler (track insertion) & reduces cost of storage. Simple import of new tracks within a title enables easy international versioning.

Endless packaging…

Handle a wide range of formats including Flat File Deliveries, IMF, iTunes, Apple Avails, Amazon MMC, MEC and more.

…and delivery options

With support for multiple delivery transport and endpoint mechanisms, such as S3 bucket-to-bucket copy, Aspera, Netflix Backlot, Apple Transporter, RSS/MRSS Feed and FTP/SFTP, Ateliere has all your packaging and distribution needs covered.

Leverage our expertise

When you partner with Ateliere, you get both best-of-breed, modern technology and the support of a highly experienced team that will help you ensure your deliverables meet requirements from the start.